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Welcome to the website of The Humanist Party

The Humanist Party is a grassroots UK political movement aiming to introduce newer and better ways to solve the problems facing the UK in the 21st century. Our aim is to present better ideas within our current political landscape that could turn in to what we feel would be better policy. Those ideas are based around a humanistic notion that society should and could be designed around 'what the people want' for their society, what people want as an agreed collective of tax payers and voters. We'd like to tell you about these ideas and enrol your support in bringing a positive change to UK society and a positive influence to the rest of the world. If your curiosity has brought you here then you are probably already partly convinced that the current way we do politics has been designed for a bygone era and is naturally biased towards the interests of the country's most wealthy people and corporations. This has to change, especially now that we are rapidly running into major problems within our delicate ecosystem and can't seem to stop ourselves. A new approach is sorely needed, a whole new way of looking at the problems rather than the way that created the problems in the first place. We feel that we have the solutions right here, a whole new political philosophy, but it would require a small investment of your time to fully appreciate the core position and the resulting detail. Let's start that journey here.

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