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The many new ideas of Now Utopia take some time to absorb. Here I have added some videos to help you along with some back up information. Anything by TED or the RSA is always informative but here I have selected certain videos that back up the ideas that go to form the basis of National Democratic Humanism on which the Humanist Party is based. 

Looking at control and ownership from a systems analysis point of view, James B Glattfelder concludes that our current system carries huge risk through non-distribution and non-diversification of ownership and control. As we also know the current system is responsible for the world’s wealth divide, a lack of compassion across society and the increased chance of conflict. The answers point to increased political participation from direct democracy, distributed capitalism and nationalisation of the money system. These are the merits brought by National Democratic Humanism.

Allan Savory describes how it is organic natural systems that will feed the world. We can do this without the need for fossil fuels. It comes back to simple land management and crop rotation with the use of integrated livestock.


Supporting material on the serious issues related population growth and how we are able to take on this issue

A good range of supporting materials on the issues of our current system of money creation through debt

A great explanation of our money system, the problems, the limits and the moral questioning

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