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UK Constitution & Social Contract

The law of this land has evolved over hundreds of years. Each Act of Parliament updates law and brings what is thought of as a better idea to the previous law or perhaps where the previous law is failing our notion of justice within society. The problem is the complexity that is the result. You can only navigate the law in court with the use of professionals who have spent many years studying law and those who have practiced ways of understanding and representing the law so that sometimes justice is avoided. It may be time to look at the option of having a Constitution that serves as a bedrock of the for the details of which the laws are then based. If we can agree to certain principles that reflect our collective 21st century moral position across UK society then we can go about promoting those basic principles so that people in society understood their role as supporters of the law of the land and of the moral position of the nation without ambiguity and without hiring professionals to circumvent our notions of morality within society.  The US has a Constitution. The EU has a Declaration of Human Rights. Religious groups have scripture that underlie the basic premise of their moral position. In the secular society of the UK we have culturally developed with awareness of all these constructs and we take from them all when defining our current moral position as well as taking from developments and happenings within our cultural history. We also absorb more recent social observations and struggles and the plight of certain members of society and our law is changed accordingly. The NDH Constitution takes into account many of these constructs.


The philosophical position that underlies National Democratic Humanism has been documented into a Constitution so that people can make a clear decision to either support or reject its premise as being representative of the current moral position of the majority in UK society today. The structure of The NDH Constitution prioritizes what maximizes well-being in society. It begins with a) The Sanctity & Preservation of Human Life and follows with b) The Quality of existence c) harnessing of new life and personal and social development d) protection and development of the living environment and the symbiosis our place within it. The reason for this prioritization is in cases where one person is basing their rights on one part of the Constitution and that position conflicts with another persons basis of rights.


The Social Contract part goes on to establish the relationship between the individual and government. It is split into a) The Equilibrium of Citizenship: Ego/Member of Society and b) Nation State Objectives and Responsibilities of the 12-Pillars of Governance. That is to say that it should be recognized that any citizen spends their life as both an ‘ego’ out for what they can gain from life, which is to be encouraged so that the individual becomes everything they are able to become while at all times they remain a responsible member of society who is aware of their own ‘cause and effect’ on society and thereby at all times remaining a positive member of the community and of society as a whole. If this equilibrium can be promoted within the individual then society would benefit as a result. The second part is that the notion of governance is that which delivers well-being to society and to this end it is possible to establish exactly what specific aims government has and then how this can most efficiently be able to deliver for the costs that are absorbed from society through taxation. When you take out the swing politics from government departments it becomes much more clear what their objectives are towards society. Some departments it is clear – The department of health has to deliver the best means for providing good health care for the population, prolonging a quality life through good health etc. The department of education is to provide a suitable education to its population etc. These things are clear social objectives and the outcome can be measured upon what we put into these efforts. 


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