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The Aims of The Humanist Party

There are several overall objectives in what this movement is trying to achieve. There is an end goal to have a political party ready with candidates for the 2020 elections, candidates who have fully developed policies designed for a better Britain and with the local support enough to have a serious chance at achieving a seat in The House Of Commons where the movement can then achieve further recognition.




There is a build-up period to being in this position however and this in itself has its own reward. We beleive we have a series of policy proposals that make sense. The general public need to be brought in to the kind of conversations, backed up by a wealth of information, that will help steer this nation and influence the world towards a better way of living within our environment. To this end, by promoting the thinking behind The Humanist Party's Manifesto we are providing essential discourse that will contribute to political conversation.





What's more, the organisational connections within The Humanist Party should start to be a policy influence on the mainstream parties as the conversation is taken towards the areas established by The Humanist Party. Along with the development of the online platform of Direct Democracy that is MagnaSocia, the movement as a whole should act like a 'Think Tank' within political circles. We should be having more conversations about how our democracy could evolve into being some more representative and simply more democratic. We should be talking about having a British Constitution so that the ideals of this nation are enshrined for the whole population to understand and adhere to at the same time as being protected by. We cannot continue on our 'business as usual' approach to politics while the planet's resources are being eaten away, while the climate continues to rise and while human activity is poluting our soil, our air, our rivers and our oceans. Our money supply needs to fundamentally change if we want a more stable economy, less of a runaway wealth divide, more investment in a sustainable future and less investment in fossil fuel burning. Politics must take on these longer term goals. It must shift its paradigm from short term popularity contests to being able to tackle more long term socially beneficial issues. The Humansit Party can help us open up these areas of conversation and if the mainstream parties then take the ideas and run with them so-be-it, we have partly achieved our objectives.






Finally, let's all do what we can in the meantime to make this world a better place. In the idea of 'being the change you want to see' we have a series of schemes that we would like you to be a part of and lead within your community. Not only will it demonstrate what a little compassion can do for people but it should also make people aware that there is a better way to behave as the 'agreed collective' so that we shape our communities into all that they can be and all that is good for human well-being and progress. YOu could be leading a team to feed to homeless, to help communities 'grow their own' produce, to organise their own events and days out, their own child minding and happiness centres, to set up conflict resolution debates, political & social/economic policy awareness classes and much more. We can all lead by example. 




Why we formed a political party?


Humanism is an ethical foundation that is good for all people in society despite your religion, your religiosity or your absence of religion. It is about how we design the shared secular space by producing better ideas for social and economic policy that bring an increase in the level of safety, well-being and greater potential for prosperity across the nation.


The party does not necessarily have to win elections and rise to power. It may be enough that what this party achieves is a greater level of understanding of what is at stake and what we can collectively do to take the reigns on achieving societal aims. What this party does is translate the core of our ideological ideas into pragmatic policy ideas within an organised system capable of delivering such policies. It may be enough that what this party achieves is just an influence over how we may better approach politics, how we may work as a collective of the people rather than giving up our power to elites who are more often swayed by the influence of big business when it comes to designing policy and MPs voting.


We aim to be that party who provides people with better ideas so that they may go to The Labour Party and ask them why they do not have such policies that put the people first or go to The Green Party and ask them why they do not have an economic policy in place that can help us create a Green Revolution or go to The Tories and ask them why they do not have policies that support the innovators, the inventors and the new entrepreneurs so that they have their place in the so-called ‘free-market’ in between those colossal multi-nationals super powers.


The Humanist Party is not like the others. Our ambitions are not to have power. Our ethics tell us that power should not reside in any institution that does not place ‘the will of the people’ at the helm of the political decision making process. It is only The Humanist Party that is building an online platform for Constitutional Direct Democracy, it is only The Humanist Party that is providing an ideas for how the British people could better understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship by having a formal written Constitution, and it is only The Humanist Party that is suggesting that we take back the power from the banks to create credit within our money system, an idea that could bring us enormous gains in our public services and/or lower our tax burden.


The Humanist Party should help you question ‘why is our political system the way it is?’, ‘why has it not changed or developed the notion of democracy and is seemingly unwilling to do so?’, ‘why is it so hard to organise and bring in policy that suits the people rather than big business?’, and if you find yourself running out of answers then look no further, we can answer those questions and we can suggest a much better way forward in every aspect of social policy. The people deserve to have better alternatives offered to them. The conversation needs to widen out so that everybody has the confidence to choose a better way forward rather than the limitied thinking we currently have. Many of us appreciate the steady pace of change and the certainty but in politics there seems to be no pace of change at all and for many change is well overdue. 


Join us. Help us spread our ideas. Help us create the space for taking the political debate to another level. There should be no authority higher than the will of the people, help us change it for the sake of our future generations who we are passing a different world to the one that we adopted, a world of decreasing fresh water supplies, contaminated soils and oceans, an ozone full of global warming gases and a world being paved over as we speak. These things are increasing despite us knowing what harm we are doing and its like nobody can seem to slow it down, let alone stop the process. Help us take control of our collective future, our very survival may depend on it.

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