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Understanding Political Humanism - The Crash Course


There is a great deal of new thinking that has gone into the formation of The Humanist Party policies. For this reason we have decided to design a crash course to bring people into this line of thinking and demonstrate how we got here. It's an online course that you may take in your own time and it is further supported by keynote lectures around the UK and available online. The crash course reflects the materials on this website but offers a deeper level of understanding in context to the wider subjects of politics, economics, environment and more. We hope you will enjoy the journey of your learning experience.

Humanism as a political foundation
Understanding The Nation State As The Agreed Collective
Making Money Work For The Majority
The Design of a True Democracy
Learning To Live Symbiotically
What A British Constitution Should Look Like
Designing PopCapitalism
What Assigned Taxation Could Do For Society
Justice By The Principles Of Cause And Effect
Authority Without Accountability Is Tyranny
Educational Progressiveness
Reinventing The UN
How To Change The World
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