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Constituency/Community Leaders - WE NEED YOU


We are looking for leaders of people who are fully supportive of the ideas behind Political Humanism and the manifesto of The Humanist Party, who would like to run a political campaign to stand in their constituency as an MP for The Humanist Party. It would be necessary for you to become fully versed in the political ideas and have the ability to discuss them with the press, with constituents and with politcal rivals. Candidates must be presentable, articulate and convincing and be prepared for a spell in politics. You would be required to campaign and gain overwhelming support in your region be relating to the local poeple on the issues that concern them and then win over those people with the ideas of Politcal Humanism so that they vote for you in future elections. Needless to say, it would take a strong minded, thick skinned and determined individual who is prepared to bring about great change that will bring huge benefit to society and to be totally driven by and committed to that cause. It would take a natural leader to focus their support team to rally behind them and it would take a good public speaker to articulate a range of what might prove to be radical new ideas compared to their counterparts in other competing political parties. If you think this is you then please by all means get in touch -

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