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How You Can Make A Better World

1. Learn to live symbiotically

Be the change

Make those changes to your life that will help bring about global change - Buy locally produced food, boycott business with a large carbon footprint, drive electric cars or go by bike, instal solar panels on your rooftop, grow your own veg and encourage your community to grow their own, keep chickens and bees, teach your children well, lobby your local MP, lead a healthy lifestyle, be nice to people every day.................


2. Join The Humanist Party

* Sign up for memebrship

* Become familiar with the ideas

* Bring your expertise to the ideas

* Help build the awareness campaign

* Create a group in your constituency

* Encourage others to join

* Help raise funds for the campaign

* Become a spokesperson

* Become a committee specialist


The party is in it's infancy so we need all hands on deck to get the ball rolling. If you have any experience in running an organisation or campaigning then we need you help.


3. Sign up to MagnaSocia

* Sign up to MagnaSocia

* Help design the platform

* Take a role in the system

* Help bring awareness to the idea

* Encourage others to join


This exciting project is in its earliest days so you can help by being part of the development team to help tweak the userfreindliness of the platform.


If you happen to be a programmer then get straight in touch otherwise read up on the system and then help by making suggestions. Thank you :)

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