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On global compassion

Political Humanism is not only based on a political philosophy for this nation. It is also based on principles that could bring a great deal of harmony to the world. I beleive that when the international community thrusts its narrow minded spectrum of representative democracy on the world and specifically countries that have not shared the years of developments as European countries have then this form of democracy can be quite harmful, devisive and only lead to further misery brought by civil war. The ideas within National Democratic Humanism though has a much better plan for countries recently bereft of their dictators or in some kind of post war situation. The idea of creating 12 government departments, each with specific social objectives for the people and having the committee structures to follow the will of the electorate is one that is less likely to create divisions.


Let's take Iraq as an example. In its post war days, if these departments were set up to provide public services and the committees were made up of representatives from each of the religious and tribal divides then the department would be focussed on where they can what common objectives are shared by people and not on what divides people. The ideas of 'Sustainable Collective Economics' I also feel would be better welcomed by the citizens of these nations who have only seen the theft of their resources by a series of controlling forces. 


I also believe that the UN could benefit from having the 12 departments that i am suggesting as the bedrock for its global services to nations. While I suggest the 12 Pillars it must also be understood that those 12 pillars each have quite common social aims attached. The UN could also adopt those social aims that are shared by all people of the world. Any nation could then be judged upon how well it is providing those 12 areas of social aims. Then a point system could be devised on the achievements of what each nation is providing its people. Those nations who are providing their nations with the better services in any given department of the 12 pillars should then be allowed to have a higher vote on further legislation concerning that department of the UN. I have dedicated the whole last chapter to this idea in my book Now Utopia.

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